I am a very easy going man. I have a very successful career, great credit and i work allot. I m completely drama free trustworthy and enjoy meeting new people. My son just graduated high school so now I m able to travel for work. I have a new project I m starting in July in Mountain View area. I enjoy traveling snowboarding, wake boarding, skydiving and eating good food.
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
About myself: As cliche as it sounds, I love people and I'm drawn to places and people where I can easily express that. I'm a little shy at first but it's mostly me observing the people around me and getting to know them. Once I'm comfortable, I'm super outgoing and I love to laugh and draw laughter out of people. I'm very close to my family and if I were to live here, visits by my family are t...
I am looking for a place to live several days in SF for my work purpose.
ML engineer who likes to meditate, work out, and make the science fiction of today, tomorrow s science reality. PhD dropout; bioengineer and neuroscientist.
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
Hi! Relocating from Austin, TX to the Bay Area for a job. Love to travel, drink great wine and discover new foods. Former athlete (looking to get BACK into my tip top shape - LOL) and love sports, especially football.
Hi! I'm Michelle. I'm pretty easy-going and usually keep to myself. I'm just looking to find some chill, mature people to live with.
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
Trying to find a room for rent starting in August for my girlfriend and I. Love hanging out with roommates, going out and exploring on the weekend.
Hi there, my name is Travis born and raised locally. I work full time for Molly stones market. Non smoker who is very clean and orginazed. I just moved back home to San Francisco from Palm Springs .ca, and need to move out of my parents house asap lol.
have a 2 week year old puppy
Current Seattle resident, moving to SF for UCSF Sociology. Big fan of baking, yoga, and running. I love podcasts and good books. As a roommate, I m pretty easygoing, approachable, and communicative. I m not the nearest person by nature but I m very respectful so will make sure I keep common spaces clean and keep my stuff in my area.
Laid back, down to earth. I can get along with anyone.
I'm a full time student, senior biology major and tend bar on the side. I enjoy classical music, rap, rock, jazz, quite a variety but keep it in my headphones. I like to socialize but will generally keep to myself. I love videogames, animals, comedy, exercise and working out, learning interesting things, new perspectives and meeting new people. I will be here for at the very least another year ...
I am a recent grad (2017) working in Consulting and I'm moving to the Bay Area from Atlanta. I'm originally from Boston where I also received my degree school a school just outside of the city.
Hello! My name is Jeremy Harrison. I am an East Bay Area native looking for place closer to my job and school. Your listing is exactly what I am looking for. About me I m 31, work for Fort Point Beer Company and am a part time student at city college. I usually travel on weekends to get away from the city and Bay Area because I love to be in the great outdoors Northern California has to offer. ...
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
My name is Kaitlyn, I tend to like working to keep myself generally busy. I enjoy any creative form of expression such as yoga, art, food, and good architecture. I d rather be outside than on my phone. Being born and raised in Palm Springs has been an amazing experience; but there is a true lack of community for the younger generations. If you are looking for a woman who will 80% of the time no...
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
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