Looking for a adult size women s bike for our caregiver who would love to go for a ride on the trail on her days off. She s such a sweet girl and so helpful but I would love to help her out if we can. I know she would be so apprecative thank you
Hi neighbors, is there anyone that has a used iPad laying around that still works but is not being used? I'm a teacher and could sure use it at work. Thanks!
We are doing a landscaping project with bricks recycled from our old kitchen chimney but have run short on bricks! If you have red clay bricks in decent shape we will happily cart them away!
Hello! I am looking for anything halloween themed. Anything helps! Thanks!
Mine died suddenly and as a low-income senior, it is my lifeline. Please, a model around 2010 or later and with a HD of 256 gigs or more, as I have my precious files and photos that need to be migrated. Will pick up at a public place or wherever is comfortable fore you. Thanks!
I'm in need of a Room Divider (ideally 6" height, 3" width but I'm flexible on those) if ya happen to have or know of one :). Thanks so much!
Looking for a storage shed for my back yard
My nearsighted, very friendly lap cat went missing last night. She is white with carmel colored markings on head and tail with light blue eyes. Aqua is wearing a flea collar. Please contact Susan (510) 727-1280. Reward offered
I would like clean small aquarium rocks to use in a craft project.
Clean, like new only please! For a school swap meet fundraiser, for sorting clothing. Thank you!
Need moving boxes for upcoming house move. Thank you!
Hello, I'd like to start gardening, however all I have is cement in my tiny back yard. I'm looking for large and medium sized planters and some gardening tools. If you're looking to get rid of some please let me know, I can pick up. Thank you!
Looking for any reel to reel empty reels or with tapes. These were used in the 70's for music listening. TIA
I am in need of a wireless keyboard and mouse.
i am in desperate need of a Macbook around 2010 or later, Mine bit the dust and it's my lifeline! Should be in working order and have at least 250mg HD, so I may migrate my files. Can arrange pick-up at a Starbucks, or wherever is comfortable for you. Thanks!
Does anyone have a pair of crutches for someone 5'8"? I'm happy to do porch pickup tomorrow.
need queen size or larger. Thanks!
Hello, I'm looking for a heating mat for a reptile terrarium, no larger than 8x12. I would be truly grateful if anyone has a spare one lying around! Thank you, Leslie
Two of us are going to a halloween party as Ruth Bader Ginsberg. We need costume stuff to borrow. Any ideas appreciated.
We're looking for a black or brown attache case for a kid's spy Halloween costume.
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