Free mulch, from chipped local trees. In my driveway at 1657 Julian Dr., El Cerrito. Come help yourself.
17-Aug-2018Oakland, CA +4 milesFree Stuff
15 yr old queen size mattress and box spring. material covering box spring is torn at corners from cat, but otherwise the set is in good condition
17-Aug-2018Oakland, CA +4 milesFree Stuff
Great chair for newborn through about 5 or 6 months. Has an option to play sounds but does not bounce on its own. Similar to this one but an older model and in more neutral color palette (natural/beige/green) https://www.amazon.com/Bright-Starts-60135-2-W11-Playful-Pinwheels/dp/B00KHR7TPK/ref=sr_1_1_m?s=baby-products&srs=2586379011&ie=UTF8&qid=1534542606&sr=1-1
17-Aug-2018Oakland, CA +4 milesFree Stuff
Chairs, Exercise ball, Lenox Xmas hurricane lamp, soup turrine, garden stakes, ceramic wine cooler, outdoor faucet (new), plaster and tile tools, indoor light timer, etc. On street so help yourself! Bulk pickup will take it on Monday.
17-Aug-2018Oakland, CA +4 milesFree Stuff
Cardboard shipping box for acoustic guitar case or similar-size item. 9 x 20 x 46 inches. Includes packing peanuts.
great condition rower, good for upper body workout, not commerical use (gyms) but good for ladies who want to build their upper body. 650 333-9093. photo available. Also a bench for situps, etc. also for home use good condition.
white pull couch
17-Aug-2018Hayward, CA +19 milesFree Stuff
Unused piece of drywall, left over from a job. Good condition 4x8 missing a tiny notch in corner.
17-Aug-2018Oakland, CA +4 milesFree Stuff
HON brand two drawer metal filing cabinet. Works really well, metal parts to hang folders from are intact and functional. Hanging folders included if you want. Dimensions are 26.5" deep, 15" wide, 29" tall.
17-Aug-2018Oakland, CA +4 milesFree Stuff
Baby play mat with two crossing arches to hang toys from, several soft hanging toys included. Bright colors, approximately 2.5 feet square (relatively small). Good condition, recently washed.
17-Aug-2018Union City, CA +25 milesFree Stuff
DCP J125. Scans, copies and prints. The colors print well, black is a little blurry. It might just need some cleaning and alignment check. Unfortunately I have already gotten a new printer and have not been able to test the alignment. I also have a couple new cartridges for this printer.
17-Aug-2018Vallejo, CA +16 milesFree Stuff
IKEA tent, without the bottom. Still stands fine.
17-Aug-2018Vallejo, CA +16 milesFree Stuff
IKEA tunnel Bag of colored balls
17-Aug-2018Vallejo, CA +16 milesFree Stuff
Bought from Safeway last year, never used.
17-Aug-2018Oakland, CA +4 milesFree Stuff
I am offering 3 pairs of Heels to anyone who can put them to good use I barely used them they where most hidden in my closet but I would like to give them to better home 2 are size 11 and 1 is size 10 please take all
17-Aug-2018Oakland, CA +4 milesFree Stuff
Must be gone by 12 tomorrow. 2 plastic stools from ikea. 25
17-Aug-2018Oakland, CA +4 milesFree Stuff
I have a pair of mens size 9 steel toe work boots that I never used want to regime them to a person in need of them
17-Aug-2018Alameda, CA +7 milesFree Stuff
36 tall and 36 at it s widest
17-Aug-2018San Francisco, CA +12 milesFree Stuff
Ikea Grimen platform bed frame. Queen-sized. Charcoal grey wool cover on padded frame that sits on floor.
17-Aug-2018San Francisco, CA +12 milesFree Stuff
Steel table and chairs with expanded metal surfaces. Table is 36" diameter and chairs are 22" wide. All finishes are significantly weathered but everything is structurally sound. Tabletop easily removed from legs, but chairs do not fold nor stack.
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